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Keon Addison, School Teacher and Fitness Coach, Unleashed Potential

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RRJ:  Was there a specific moment in your life where you understood Jesus as Savior and Lord, or did that happen gradually?


Keon:  I was raised in church because my mom was a Christian and pianist at five different churches in Mississippi. (Back then, church was only open one Sunday a month.)

I was baptized at an early age, but it wasn’t until I was 17 and my friends invited me to their youth retreat called DiscipleNow, hosted by First Baptist Church, that I truly believed. The youth minister, Troy Amster, gave an invitation. During that moment I felt God’s presence like never before. I accepted Him in my heart and that’s when I drew closer to Him. I received Him as my Father, Savior and Lord.



RRJ:  You’re a 5th-grade teacher at Wares Ferry Road Elementary and you own Unleashed Potential Bootcamp and Personal Training.  You really love helping people grow mentally, physically and spiritually.  When did that passion begin?


Keon:  My passion for kids began at age 16, when I worked at The Carousel in Montgomery Mall. The easiest job press a green button and watch kids ride an animal that goes in a circle for three minutes. Little did I know, God positioned me to be there to create a magical experience (Disney in Montgomery) and to also direct me to my purpose in life. From there, I continued working with kids as a salesman at GapKids, a daycare teacher at Aldersgate W.C.M., and then I pursued my degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education at AUM.  My passion for Christ and kids expanded and I became a youth minister for Woodland UMC, Aldersgate UMC, and New Life C.O.G.I.C.


My love for health and wellness began when I became certified as a personal trainer but had no idea what to do. After talking with my friend and mentor, Tony Davis, he advised me to train people that I knew. So I began training friends and families free of charge. A few months went by and that’s when I taught my first bootcamp with my coworkers at school. It was a huge success! At least that’s what I thought. People were losing weight and feeling better about themselves. There were so many great stories behind that camp so I began hosting other camps in different locations. 



RRJ:  Is that the idea behind your fitness brand Unleashed Potential, and does that name apply to your kids in the classroom too?


Keon:  Unleashed Potential Fitness has more meaning than just fitness. In Genesis 1:29, God says, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with SEED IN IT...”  Whatever God wants a thing to become, he hides the potential inside of it.


Unleashed Potential Fitness is to show people that every goal you want to attain will not come from outside sources; your success is hidden inside of you. God uses me as a mouthpiece just to show people that principle.  ‘I can’t’ won’t exist when you know that the‘I can’ is hidden inside of you.


The same rule applies at school. I’ve taught students from so many dysfunctional situations, but they still succeed. They excel because their greatness lies on the inside. It’s a blessing to see that.  #unleashed



RRJ:  We’ve all heard it said about public education that “God has been taken out of the classroom”.  As a public school teacher for 15 years, do you agree or disagree?


Keon:  I disagree. Jesus commissioned his disciples to, “GO therefore and make disciples of all nations.”  We as believers must realize that the church is not the building; the church is YOU.  We represent Christ in word and in deed and our lives should reflect His image. No I don’t go into the classroom quoting Bible verses, but I give them hope. Hope for the day. Hope for the future. Just as Jesus did for us. So my prayer is that God is in the class. If love, hope, and joy are exhibited with the students, they are experiencing God’s presence.



RRJ:  A lot of our readers want to make 2018 the year they get fit.  What are two pieces of advice you can give them that will help them stay on track?


Keon:  First, be realistic with your goals. Losing 40 pounds in two months or giving up soda, candy, and ice cream for the rest of your life is kind of over the top. A lot of people have goals in January and they give up by March. The main reason is because it takes time to see results, and the other reason is people are frustrated because their goals and their results don’t match up.


Fitness is a marathon; not a sprint. It took years to get the body you have now and you’re trying to change all of that in two months.


I like to congratulate small successes. Maybe you’re a soda fanatic. Instead of having three sodas a day, try only one. That’s a WIN! Small successes in this journey can lead to big results.


Second, be consistent. You can’t expect to succeed if you only put in work on days you feel like it. Most of us struggle with eating healthy. We eat healthy three of our seven days and expect to see amazing results. Stay consistent. You might have a “splurge” meal where you eat your favorite foods. Just don’t turn that one MEAL into a FULL DAY of bad eating. If you stay consistent with healthy eating habits, you can definitely harvest great results.


 RRJ:  Finally, the Word says being spiritually fit is above all other fitness.  What practices do you have in your life for staying connected to the Love of God that is yours in Christ?


Keon:  I have a Devotional App on my phone that I read daily. I really like YouTube sermons while I’m driving or at school during my break. Bishop T. D. Jakes, Robert Madu, and Steven Furtick are just a few men from whom I get encouragement.  I love music as well, so if I’m not making a playlist for any of my fitness camps, I have a ton of praise and worship leaders I listen to such as John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, William McDowell, and HillSong.



Keon Addison and his wife, Jennifer, are expecting their first child in the coming months.




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