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Molly Stone, Executive Director, The Wellness Coalition

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RRJ:  Molly, as Executive Director at The Wellness Coalition, what does your job entail?


Molly:  The Wellness Coalition is a nonprofit organization that works to get people the healthcare they need. We help uninsured adults connect with a doctor, apply for medication assistance, and learn how to manage chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. We also offer wellness classes on diabetes prevention and chronic disease management. Healthcare access and literacy is a major need in our community, and uninsured adults will frequently use the emergency room for regular care instead of seeing a doctor. That is not good for the hospitals or the patients. We try to break that cycle by providing resources and education to improve our clients’ health and quality of life.   



RRJ: What excites you about going to work every day?


Molly: As Director, my days are not spent in close contact with our clients, so I love hearing stories from our case managers about client successes. We have a wonderful, dedicated staff who work every day to serve the most vulnerable people in our community. I am not a social worker or a nurse, but I get to play a small part in improving our clients’ health and the quality of life of the whole community.   


In college, I never thought about working in the nonprofit world, but I love it! My degree is in International Business, but I only worked in the for-profit world for about six months after college. I was making door-to-door contacts and sales, and I was miserable. I got my first development job at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and have worked for nonprofits ever since. My supervisor at the Museum told me that she knew I could do fundraising when she saw that I had been making those cold calls. Then, at the Museum, I learned grant writing, which equipped me for my next position working from home when our first daughter was born, and so on. I can look back over the course of my work history and see how each job prepared me for the next. The Bible says that we may make plans, but the Lord directs our steps, and I truly believe that He knew the best career for me long before I did and led me down the path to my current position at The Wellness Coalition.



RRJ:  You were raised in a loving home with a solid Christian foundation.  What ways has this foundation influenced or inspired you?


Molly:  I am so blessed to come from a family of faith, for generations, but particularly my parents and grandparents. When I was little, I sat in church every Sunday with my grandfather because my mom was the church pianist and my dad, both my grandmothers, and my other grandfather were all in the choir. Needless to say, we were involved!  That foundation is priceless to me because I was instilled with a Christian worldview from the very beginning. I have always known that I had a team of prayer warriors covering my every move, and I can always rely on their counsel because I know their hearts. All of my grandparents have passed away now, but they were faithful to the end, and they left us examples of lives well-lived for Christ.



RRJ:  After high school, you left your home in Louisiana to attend Auburn University. What did you implement into your life at that time to help you remain on a good path?


Molly:  With a strong foundation, it was natural for me to get involved in a local church when I went to Auburn. It was a familiar connection while I was away from home, and I got involved in a college ministry and Bible study and surrounded myself with like-minded friends. I met my husband Brandon on a college ministry retreat, so it was a good thing that I did! I have heard the statistics so many times of students who stray from their faith and church when they leave for college. I am grateful that my background prepared me to make that a priority, and it has been ever since.



RRJ:  You’ve been involved in “Bible Drill” at your church for approximately 15 years. Explain what it is and tell us how this involvement grows your passion for the Lord.


Molly:  Brandon and I chose to make First Baptist Montgomery our church home in our first year of marriage. My mom had told me to look for a church where we could serve, rather than just shopping for the best preaching or music. We found that (as well as a great pastor!) at FBC Montgomery.  Soon after we joined, the church did a spiritual gifts inventory and then encouraged members to volunteer in the areas that matched their gifts. I remember being so excited to see Bible Drill on the list of options. I jumped at the chance to volunteer because I had participated in it as a child and loved it. The director at that time has told me that I am the only person to ever seek out Bible Drill to volunteer. It is a program for 4th to 6th grade students.

The kids memorize 25 Bible verses, learn all the books of the Bible, and ten key Bible passages. We do three cycles, so those who participate for three years learn 75 verses. I think there is nothing more important than hiding God’s Word in your heart.

I love helping kids do that at an age where they are soaking in so much and laying their future foundations. Now in my 16th year of helping and 9th year as Director, I finally have my own daughter in the program, and it’s been such a blessing!   



RRJ:  In the season of life that you’re in, what is your focus in your relationship with the Lord?


Molly:  As a mother with younger children, I spend a lot of time talking to the Lord about our daughters and learning how to be a Christian parent in a fallen world. I want our children to have the foundation of faith that Brandon and I both did. I want them to know their value is because they are a children of God and not whatever the world says. I want them to build character and integrity and have good judgment when they make decisions and choose friends, and we want them to see people through Jesus’ eyes. We read devotionals and pray together everyday. After several years of discussions and prayer, our oldest daughter, Audrey, prayed to accept Christ this year. Brandon and I were both there with her, and it was one of the most precious moments of my life. She made her profession of faith and was baptized in March, and we are so proud for her to be our sister in Christ.



RRJ:  What advice would you give our readers for living consistently for God?


Molly:  Our pastor, Jay Wolf, always says, “We need Jesus, and we need each other.” I think one of the most important things a Christian needs in a consistent walk with God is community.  Being involved in a local church gives us encouragement and accountability, and I cannot imagine walking the road of life without the support of a church family.  So, I would encourage everyone to plug into a local church and find one where they can serve. Jesus did not come to be served but to serve, and we should follow his example.  It is when we serve others that we reap the biggest blessings. I am so grateful to serve at home, at church, and at work. 


Molly is married to Brandon and they have two daughters, Audrey (10) and Anna (5).




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