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His Will

Written by  Bob Crittendon
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The last will and testament of the late evangelist Billy Graham was recently released to the public, and it contains some wise words that not only apply to his family members, but can provide challenges for each of us.


The website published a report, in which it stated:


The Christian Post shares some of Graham’s words in the document, the rest of which can be found on


“I ask my children and grandchildren to maintain and defend at all hazards at any cost of personal sacrifice the blessed doctrine of complete Atonement for sin through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ once offered, and through that alone. I urge all of you to walk with the Lord in a life of separation from the world and to keep eternal values in view.”


The article also said: “Graham also encouraged his family to read the Bible daily and to trust in Jesus for salvation.” He also referenced his late wife, Ruth, saying, “I want to thank her for her years of devotion, love, faithfulness, and sacrifice. Of all the people I have ever known, she was the greatest Christian.”


With regard to financial resources, he stipulated that 10 percent would go to the work of the Gospel.


A few weeks ago, Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, conducted a multi-city tour in the vein of the Decision America tour from 2016.  This time, he set his sights on the state of California.


The Family Research Council website reported in a recent Washington Update:


“The church just has to be wakened,” the Rev. Franklin Graham told the New York Times shortly after concluding the first of 10 stops in his “Decision America California Tour” -- evangelistic prayer events that are drawing thousands across the Golden state with many making the decision for Christ. “People say, what goes in California is the way the rest of the nation is going to go. So, if we want to see changes, it is going to have to be done here.” We heard the same urgency from California pastors attending last week’s 15th annual Watchmen on the Wall pastors briefing. Like Franklin, these pastors know that California’s hope -- indeed America’s hope -- is only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Vice President Pence delivered this message in his address to Watchmen pastors on Friday: “Keep preaching the good news,” urged Pence. “Keep preaching in season and out of season as the Bible says. Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have.”



Coverage of Graham’s Fresno rally appeared in the Fresno Bee, which related:


The message: Christians need to pray for politicians, vote for candidates who support biblical principles, run for local offices, and find a relationship with God through Jesus Christ so their sins can be forgiven.


“Our country is in trouble,” the son of the late Billy Graham said. “Your state’s in trouble – you know that. But there are things that we can do. You know God hears prayer.”


So, here we have Franklin Graham, carrying out the stated will of his father by following the will of his Heavenly Father.  He continues to preach the gospel, and in California, he connected the transformation of the gospel with the potential transformation of culture. Sure, there were political implications; that is a system established by man through which God can work.


For us today, we can be encouraged to take the Word of God seriously in carrying out our Father’s will.  He has a plan for each of us, He has entrusted a message to us, and He desires to see His people faithfully serving and loving Him.  We are His representatives, and that means we represent the principles that we find in His Word.  We are called to follow Christ in salvation and to be obedient to His direction.


There is much discussion and debate in the Church today about a variety of issues, and if we’re not careful, concentration on what might be termed “non-essential” - but by no means unimportant - issues can distract us from the work of the Gospel that we are called to do.  In our pursuit of the political and relational, the spiritual can get lost - the spiritual, the truth of God’s Word, can inform the other realms.  True heart change through the Gospel is at the core of our effective work on earth.


We have to make sure that we are not spending so much time concentrating on the sins and shortcomings of others and not concentrating on our own hearts.  God’s Spirit will illuminate the areas in which we need to grow, confess, and repent, and we have to allow His light to shine in our hearts in order that He might do His healing and restorative work.



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